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Stewed Tomatoes


It’s fall and time to stew some tomatoes! This year we planted 75 tomato plants and as of today, October 6, I’ve canned 125 pints of stewed tomatoes and there’s still more on the vine! We chose to can stewed tomatos, as opposed to tomato sauce, because stewed tomatoes are so versitile and so darn delicious. I love to make ravioli and stewed tomatoes make the best sauce, just as it is. Or to make tomato sauce for spagetti or pizza, just add a bit of tomato paste (which we also wipped up and canned).  We also like to make stews a lot in the winter and of course, stewed tomatoes work wonderfully in any kind of stew; beef, chicken or goat.

We ended up growing almost everything that went into the stewed tomatoes. This is the recipe we used, simple and perfect for canning

tomatoes (skinned)

peppers – sweet and spicy





vinegar (we didn’t grow our own, of course)

pinch of sugar (didn’t grow that either)


sea salt (only got .77 of an acre, oblviously no sea and thereby, no sea salt grown here)

touch of lime

I just kind of threw everything together and had at it! Each batch turned out a little different, which I kinda love. Hopefully this’ll keep us through the winter! As a beginning canner (only the last 3 years), this is one of the easiest and best things to can. You can’t really go wrong. Happy canning!


Welcome to the Homestead!

Welcome to the Homestead!

Hello all! Welcome to the new and improved Blue Moon Urban Homestead Blog! We’ve decided to move blog sites for a variety of reasons, none that is actually logical and easily explained. Rest assured that I could not rest assured until I had a brand, spanking new blog to call my (our) own! Our previous blog was, not to be confused with our new and current blog at A marked exchange, to be sure.

If you’re new to our little blog, please feel free to check out what’s been happening for the last year or two at our old blog address. I had considered going over our history again on this new site but decided to start anew here, with an article in Mix Magazine, that includes yours truly.

Here’s the link to our article and as I’m obviously incredibly fond of my three little spiders Joshua, Jason, Stella as well as my partner Nik, I’m pretty proud of this particular fluff piece. Take your time and read it, misquotes and all.